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Nominativ Case (Nominative Case)

Nominativ Case (Nominative Case)

Nominativ case is the first case of the four cases in German. It represents the Subject in the sentence. In Nominativ case there is no Object in a sentence, or we can say the Subject and the Object is same in a sentence. To be more clear, lets us understand how a sentence is formed.

A  sentence includes a Subject, a verb and an Object.

Subject + Verb + Object

For example: Ich heiβe Stefan.

Ich is the Subject

heiβe is the Verb

Stefan is the Object

Now, as we can see the Subject and Object are same in the sentence. So, this is a Nominativ case. Now we will take an example of Interrogative sentence.

Wer ist das?   – Das ist Stefan

Who is this?   – This is Stefan

 If we have to mention a thing, we will ask:

Was ist das?   – Das ist ein Tisch

What is this?   – This is a Table

As we can see, there is no Object in these sentences, the Subject itself is the Object. So, these are all examples of Nominativ cases. The Nominativ case in German, takes only two verbs: ‘heiβen’ and ‘sein’.

Let us take a few more examples of Nominativ case:

  1. Wie ist dein Name? – Mein Name ist Maria.
  2. Wer ist er?               – Er ist Klaus.
  3. Was ist das?            – Das ist ein Bett.
  4. Ich bin Ӓrztin.