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Begrüβungen      (Greetings)

Greetings is a way of making others aware of your presence and show attention towards other human being. Greetings are important to make that first good impression on your loved ones, start a positive tone and to continue a healthy relationship.

Hallo!         Hello
Guten Morgen!                                                                                                       Good morning
Guten Tag!      (Guten Tag is right at any time of the day as long as it is not dark)  Good Day
Grüβ Gott!      (Grüβ Gott is mostly used in southern Germany and Austria)  Good Day
Guten Abend!                                                                                                          Good evening
Gute Nacht !                                                                                                            Good night

Saying Goodbye

Tschüss!                                                                                                                      Bye
Auf Wiedersehen!                                                                                                     Bye (see you again)
Ciao!   (mostly common among youths)                                                               Bye
Servus! (in Austria)                                                                                                   Goodbye

However, there are a number of other ways of taking your leave , depending on what the other person is going on to do:

Bis Bald!                                                                                                                   Hope to see you again
Bis spӓter!See you later
Viel Spaβ!                                                                                                                Have fun
Gute Reise!                                                                                                               Have a good journey

Points to remember:

  • It is important to note that the letters in capital will remain in capital irrespective of the position of the word.
  • When greeting a stranger or an adult you know only slightly, there is no need to include a polite title. E.g.  Herr or Frau. For closer or informal acquaintances, it is common to say the name after the geeting : Guten Morgen Frau Schmitt.